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Mi opinión: Mythras o RuneQuest 6 
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Jugar dragones 
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Baluarte Tormentoso Eirendor 
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Un juego de rol en 200 palabras 2018 
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Sistema de experiencia en ambientaciones de superhéroes 
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Ayuda con la probabilidad en el d6 
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Torg Eternity 
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Screenplay, el juego sobre narrar películas 
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 dandrene anti-dandruff shampoo  Hmm this sounds to me like a new WoW is being made (or some new IP). This way, the AB is gonna get more money from it (or better to say, give less to Vivendi). Also this could potentially mean that there is going to be more freedom in AB choices, thou not sure if that is a good think when Bobby Kotick is in charge... Lets hope this means progress in the game world :)  

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